The importance of checking in on people during quarantine

Lindsey Peterson , Staff Writer

During these tough times, I want to express how important it is to check in on people during quarantine. There are many people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or paranoia. Those are some of the people you should check in on. It is very difficult for a lot of us to stay positive through these times however one positive comment can change a person’s mood drastically! Mental health can be impacted by many things and quarantine will impact a lot of people negatively. There are people who count on school to get 2 or 3 meals a day and there are people who count on school to get social time. A lot of us already suffer from social anxiety so quarantine isn’t going to help us at all. We need to reach out to those friends as much as possible to keep them comfortable when things start to go back to normal. There is also a lot of stress and anxiety that comes with quarantine and a lot of people start to over think and it mentally exhausts them so if you have friends that are usually over then you should check up on them regularly so they know everything will be okay.