Are diss tracks making a comeback?

Lindsey Peterson , Staff Writer

We all know the famous Logan and Jake Paul diss tracks. Not only were they very cringey but I kinda had love for them. I don’t know one person who hasn’t memorized their diss tracks on each other. Even Famous Youtubers Ethan and Grayson Dolan did a diss track on each other to see who the better twin was.but this was all many years ago and we thought they had ended. However, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards did a diss track  on Chase Hudson. Chase was in a relationship with Charli D’amelio and was trying to flirt with Josh Richard’s girlfriend Nessa Barrett. When Josh had heard he had no choice but to make a diss track, it ended up blowing up and fans absolutely loved it. There was another one released on Tik Toker Max Dressler, Tyler Brash is a Tik Toker known for his POVs and he tries very hard in them, Max would duet them and make fun of him. Brash had enough and made a diss track. People who used to support Max quickly changed sides to support Tyler even though the diss track was absolute trash. Max has gotten a lot of backlash and lost a couple friends in the road to fame.

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