Spirited Away Review

Kai Pennington, Staff Writer

Spirited away is an animated film by Studio Ghibli. Released in 2001 in Japan and

dubbed to English in September of 2002. 

The movie is about a girl who moves to a new town. After finding what her and her parents believe is an abandoned theme park, all three of them see a food stall with freshly made food. Her parents, being what I saw as selfish, took it upon themselves to eat all of it. Chihero, the main character, notices her parents have become literal pigs and is frightened. Running off, she gets herself stuck in a rut and must find out how to turn them back and get home safely. 

As the first animated movie I’ve seen, I have to grade it as one of the best in my book. The storyline is good, and the movement of characters is amazing. Even the moral of the story is good. Seeing Chihero progress with the story has made me believe in strength and hope once again.