Types of masks and the safest way to wear them

Natalie Grinder, Associate Digital Media Manager

During the pandemic most stores are requiring or recommending masks to be worn to protect themselves and others from the virus. The three main types of mask are medical masks, single layered masks, and a double layered mask. According to the CDC, medical masks are to be used by hospitals only. Masks for citizens are to be either single layered or double layered with material. It is shown in videos with three different types of masks which ones someone can blow out a match through. Medical masks are the easiest to blow the match out of. A single layered mask will make the flame move a bit, but it will not go out. A double layered mask will not even make the flame move, showing that it is the safest option for those wanting to buy or make their own masks for when they have to go out somewhere. The proper way to wear a mask is also important, because it must cover essential areas including the nose and mouth. Covering both will keep you safer than having your nose out. It is also being said by the CDC when out in public do not touch, remove, or adjust your mask unless necessary because it contaminates the mask with anything you have touched, and air gets under the mask and touches your face.