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It can be difficult for the majority white, cisgender population to see beyond their own experience, but everyone deserves to see themselves represented, especially in the classroom.

Minority representation cannot be ignored in the classroom

Kylie Clifton, Editor in Chief April 2, 2021

It was 8:31 in the morning when I walked into my virtual class with the click of a button. While reflecting on my tardiness of sixty seconds and trying to orient myself to what was already happening...

Emojis allow us to express a wider variety of emotions when writing than words alone.

Emojis: redefining our ability to express emotions

Arushi Mithal, Feature Editor March 31, 2021

Believe it or not, emojis have become the world’s fastest growing form of communication. However, many argue how with these types of newer technological advancements and features, humans have gotten...

Since reducing restrictions, Michigan is now a hot spot of new cases nationwide. How can we prevent Spring Break from contributing to that?

Spring Fever: the arrival of Spring should increase serotonin levels, not Covid-19 cases

Lizzie Sheldon, Staff Writer March 31, 2021

Longer days with more sunlight, the growth and bloom of flowers, and the circulation of pollen throughout the air highlights the fact that Spring has officially arrived. The change of seasons also...

Being your best for someone can add meaning and fullness to life.

Somebody to you

Bryana Quick, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

“All I wanna be / all I ever wanna be / is somebody to you.” -The Vamps, “Somebody to You” Our lives are so much bigger than us. Sometimes, it’s easy to let ourselves down, but it’s harder...

The White House is visible here illuminated beyond the Black Lives Matter signs.

A moment in Black Lives Matter plaza

Maya Daniels, Opinion Editor March 9, 2021

As I walked along the fence guarding the White House in November, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of pride. It filled me with hope for progress, not just for Black Americans, but minorities...

Facts over fiction: things your teachers told you were true, but definitely aren’t

Facts over fiction: things your teachers told you were true, but definitely aren’t

Olivia Coughlin, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

Over their years in grade school, children learn how to do a bunch of stuff. From mathematics, to English, to art, students are offered a broad range of classes to cover any and all of their educational...

We don’t often consider that for many of us, with every step we take, there is someone else walking in a different direction without the same privileges. We can’t erase our privilege, but we can use it for good, and examining diversity in animation is a good place to start.

Drawing the line: “diversity” in animation borders on racism

Kylie Clifton, Editor in Chief February 13, 2021

Growing up, nothing was better than an animated classic: a simple film with good morals, fun moments, bright colors, immersive worlds, and characters you could relate to. Wonderful adventures all wrapped...

Everything is red and pink, but Valentines Day - with its shady history - is not for me.

Valentine’s Day: just not my thing

Sloan Markin, Staff Writer February 13, 2021

It’s almost that day again! Little kids giving out cards their mom bought from Target, highschoolers buying their significant others roses from the cafeteria, and couples going out to a fancy dinner.  You...

It is only by setting aside our preconceived notions, engaging in thoughtful conversation and listening - truly listening - to what the “other side” has to say, that the nation can begin to come together once again.

Come together: healing a divided America

Katie Knight, Design Editor February 9, 2021

It is a common misconception in America that shared ideals (i.e. liberty, opportunity, equality) constitute a unified nation. This misconception has led many to conclude that the nation’s increasing...

No matter how difficult it seems at the time, pain is temporary.

Pain is temporary

Bryana Quick, Staff Writer February 1, 2021

You may think this is going to be forever, but it is only temporary. It will end sooner or later. You will get better in the end, I promise. The harder you work to get better, the sooner you will start...

2020 has been less than ideal, but life goes on.

Life goes on

Lizzie Sheldon, Staff Writer January 23, 2021

Quarantine. A global pandemic. Social distancing. That is all anyone ever talks about. This is our life now. As we look back on our lives before the pandemic, we realize how much our lives changed and...

2020 has made this feeling more intense than ever.

I miss you

Sloan Markin, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Friends, school, concerts, even something as simple as a smile; the world is reeling in things they didn’t appreciate before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Before the pandemic hit, we were living our best...

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