Subnautica Review

Kai Pennington, Staff Writer

Since quarantine started, I have been playing video games much more than I would if it was summer, or school. Going through games on the playstation store, I saw Subnautica. In previous years I have spent a lot of time on Youtube wondering what I should play and Subnautica happens to be one of the few games I remember so I immediately bought and played it.

Subnautica is an underwater based game where you are the main character stranded on a planet that you and some of your species crashed onto. You have to go into the deep depths and far off dangerous places to gather what is needed to build a ship to get off the planet and back to your own. 

Personally, I wanted to get the game because of the graphics and gameplay. So much of the game has beautiful graphics, like table coral that sits on the seabed has so much texture. The creatures that you are surrounded by have astonishing movement. I must include the noises the game produces. It’s like you’re immersed in the game and you are the main character who goes by a more dangerous area and the background music changes to let you know that one of the most dangerous creatures in the game is nearby. 

Though the game has been confusing for me, it is one of my favorites and I could not thank anyone more than the Youtubers I watched to now know how much I love this game.