The crosstown SuperFan rivalry is strong in the 2019-2020 sports season

Gabi Ford, J1 Staff Writer

As the class of 2020 kicks off the school year boosting school spirit with some superfan action, Portage Central is doing just the same down the road. And with the big PN v PC football game producing such a huge aftermath, the rivalry is stronger than it has ever been. Through twitter and snapchat, the two schools are firing back at each other with videos and memes, creating almost a social media war. A tweet from @susboyvay, Vanessa Ferreyra, former superfan, says that “The senior super fans this year might just be the best”. Cheer on your fellow huskies at this week’s sporting events to find out if Ferreyra is right or not. May the best superfan win!

Portage Northern superfans cheer on their fellow huskies. Photo by Brianna Neuhouser.
Portage Central superfans stand worried for their team.

Huskie sporting events to go to this week are…


  • Boys Tennis @4:00pm Home v Mattawan


  • Girls Volleyball @6:30pm Away v Portage Central  
  • Girls Swimming @6:30pm Home v Lakeview 
  • Cross Country @5:00pm Away @ Portage Central 


  • Football @7:00pm Away v East Lansing