James Charles X Morphe eyeshadow review

Hailee Clark, Journalism 1 Writer

Any individual who pursues excellence in their makeup skills and looks, blogger James Charles realizes that his cosmetics looks are next dimension. It’s hard not to cherish his inattentiveness and the element of his looks. When Morphie and James Charles were teaming up, the makeup community was captivated to perceive what the outcome would be, and with that, they were awed! It is a 39-shade palette including matte and shimmer formulas, with seven extra-large transition shades, each hand-selected by James Charles to allow you to ‘release your inner artist.’ The crazy shading range enables you to make truly any look you need! Regardless of whether you’re feeling a delicate and impartial look or you need to be strong and utilize every shade of the rainbow. The only problem with this palette is it’s so big, so it’s not really ideal for traveling. But can you complain if you get to use all these shades on the regular? I think not. Overall, if you’re into excellence and don’t need any limitations on letting your internal artist out to play, this palette is an incredible place to start.