Bring it back

90’s trends will never die

Janelle Tereshinski, Staff Writer

Most students here at Portage Northern were born in the 1990s. In a dreary reality, this was a time of diapers and pacifiers. But what most of us choose to reference are Tamagotchis and Titanic. So, let’s embrace calling ourselves 90s kids and bring back the best trends ever created.


Fanny packs- Pants are getting tighter and tighter each day. How in the world are we supposed to keep our belongings together? A backpack? Nah. A purse? That’s just silly. Fanny packs are sacks of joy placed conveniently on our hips- perfect for compact packing; candy bars will fit. Pencils, why not?  Wads of cash, absolutely. There isn’t a single  reason to say no.


Toe socks- This little piggy watches Saved By the Bell, this little piggy straps on a pair of Moon Shoes, and this little piggy chows down on Pixy Stix. Thanks to your handy dandy toe socks, each phalange has his own choice of recreation- unlike those boring ol’ traditional socks.


Tie Dye- I’m dyeing! Tie dying that is. Having one favorite color is overrated- let’s swirl them all together! Grab a bottle and splatter the world with sunshine. In the form of a shirt, headband, socks, underwear, or bed sheets- there is no limit to what we dye. Spread happiness like it is a disease, and everyone knows the antidote for smiles is held in the depths of tie dye.


Parachute pants- Imagine falling from sky, which will you choose: a) a parachute-allowing you to land safely, but atrociously out of trend, or b) parachute pants- hardly effective in saving your life, but highly effective in fashion? Clearly, parachute pants are the right answer. Never step out of the house, or plane, looking like a fool. The saggy crotch and vibrant patterns are comfortable and stand out in a crowd of blue jean old fashioners.


Scrunchies- These hair accessories are all that and a bag of chips! Regular hair ties are tight, crease hair, and break strands. But scrunchies provide loose grip while keeping hair in place. Not to mention, the colors available are endless. Need a chartreuse hair accessory to match your grandma’s hand-me-down smock? Scrunchies have your back.


Guys with long hair- “Eric Matthews is so dreamy,” said every 90s girl ever. Boy Meets World was ahead of the game. Hair that flows in the wind will forever be our number one choice. The ladies can’t resist a man with hair untouched by scissors. Stop going to the hairdressers, guys, you’ll be saving money and earning the hearts of all the gals.