Goodbye Seniors… Hello Seniors?

Gabby Childers, Staff Writer

Becoming the oldest in the school, respected by grades below, and preparing to graduate and moving on to the next chapter of life. After the class of 2014 walked out of Portage Northern on their last day, the juniors are getting a taste of what it’s like to be the head of the halls, and share what they are most excited for about their final year at PN.

To be a senior. This is the goal for almost every high school student, even before they walk through the doors the first day of freshman year.    

  “I’m looking forward to finally starting to prepare for the rest of my life,” said Abby Ziemkowski (11). For most seniors, their final year of high school is spent applying to colleges, nervously waiting for acceptance letters, and finalizing plans for graduation. Seniors also look forward to spending their last year with clubs and sports teams that they have grown to love throughout the years spent at Northern. Isla Wilger (11) said, “I’m excited to spend my last year of adolescence with my swimming, water polo, and color guard teams.”  However, while some soon to be seniors are excited about specifics and preparing for a new start, some are looking forward to the simpler things. Ian Freshwater (11) shared that he is most excited about the fact that he’s going to be the “big dog” in the hallways next school year.

  With all the excitement that senior year brings, there is also a bit of sadness in leaving a place where friends and memories were made. “In this next year, I’ll be both saying a sad farewell to my childhood and life as a Portage Northern student, but I will be opening the door to my future in college and beyond,” Ziemkowski said.

  Senior year is certainly something to look forward too. Whether it’s being excited about the future, becoming the oldest in the school, or just the fact that it’s the final year of high school, memories will be made. Good luck to our class of 2015, and may your final year at PN be fantastic.