10 things to do to spice up your summer

Abby Porter, Staff Writer

Summer is long. If you find yourself bored (which you should not, enjoy time off from school!) here are some random things to do this summer.


1. Stargaze – Perfect date idea, plus so many opportunities for cheesy pickup lines, “You must work for NASA, because you are out of this world.” The stars look amazing at night, and they are even better in a quiet place.


2. Convince a random person that they are your long lost cousin – This is totally random, but the point is to do something fun and crazy. If all else fails, just start sprinting away.


3. Go Bowling – Has everyone forgot? Bowling used to be so popular. You can also make stipulations like who ever loses buys the pizza.


4. Blow bubbles – Who can be sad with bubbles around them? Nobody. You can see how long they last, take pictures, or just relax and watch them fly away.


5. Bake cookies and make ice cream sandwiches – The 4 pounds gained from that will be so worth it. Warning: not the best idea for people allergic to dairy. Maybe some non-dairy ice cream or frozen yogurt?


6. Take a walk and gather random items for a collage – Fresh air is good for anyone. If you bring your friends, you will have something to remember that day. Yes, girls, you can post a picture on instagram.


7. Listen to some new bands – Never hurts to give something new a chance. If you enjoy rap, check out St. Bagu. If you like metal/rock, try out You Me At Six, and The Ready Set, is a good pop band.


8. Get a Henna tattoo – A temporary tattoo made from the dye in a Lawsonia plant. Intimidate people with your temporary ink. You can get these at tattoo shops, or Eyes By India.


9. Goldfish Challenge – Gather your friends, all go and buy a goldfish, see whose survives the longest, swims the fastest, or takes the best selfies. Hint: cheap goldfish do not live long.


10. Meditate – Meditation is proven to relax and add years onto your life. It is basically the fancy term for being lazy and relaxed.