Top Ten tips for hallway etiquette


PN students blur their way through the halls.

Ally Rabe, Sports Editor

It is clear that the hallways of Portage Northern High School often resemble Westnedge Avenue at rush hour. Navigating through the halls during passing time is a dangerous task each student must face multiple times a day. Hopefully these tips can help someone survive the chaos and craziness that occurs between classes.


1) Don’t spend the whole five minutes wrapped up in your significant other’s arms, making out like it’s the last time you’ll ever see each other. I know 52 minutes is an unbearable amount of time to be apart, but I assure you that you will make it.

2) Hold the door for people. It’s rude to let the door slam in the face of the person behind you. Waiting one extra second won’t hurt. Also, if someone does hold the door for you, make sure to thank them. Let them know you appreciate their little act of kindness!

3) When someone is walking in front of you, do not be that person who steps on their shoes. This is extremely annoying, especially when you’re the one who has to hop down the hall while attempting to put your foot back in your shoe.

4) Although our hallways are wide, they are not wide enough for you and your friends to hold a meeting that takes up in the entire hall. Try to take up the least amount of room as possible so others can pass by.

5) Walk on the right side! This is a very simple concept that many people struggle with. When there are hundreds of students walking in a small space, there needs to be a little bit of traffic control. This is especially important while walking on the staircase.

6) Similarly, use the door on the right! Going through the left door causes a mini traffic jam and holds many people up. Keep the crowd flowing by using the correct door.

7) Be careful when “changing lanes.” Look before you dart across the hallway so you don’t cut people off. While maneuvering through the halls, keep in mind that you aren’t the only trying to get to class on time.

8) If the bell is about to ring, do not walk as slow as a sleepwalking snail. Actually, don’t walk super slow at all. Keep a good pace going! There are people behind you who need to get to class.

9) Many students, while at their lockers, will spray enough cologne or perfume on themselves to last a month. I thought we would have left this behind in middle school but apparently not. Unless you would like to supply gas masks for every person in the school, do not suffocate others with a cloud of Axe or Bath and Body Works.

10) While walking, it is highly recommended that you do not suddenly stop in the middle of the hallway to stare at your crush or pick up a quarter on the ground. This causes a wide variety of problems and some awkward situations. Keep it moving people!