Meet the New PN Student Senate Officers


Hannah Teerman, Entertainment Editor

Portage Northern’s new Student Senate Officers will lead the upcoming 2014-2015 school; they all have high hope for their last year of high school not just for their class, but all of the grades. Here is a look at the new leaders.


Vice President: Will Willoughby

“When I was a freshman, I saw things that I wanted to happen, so I joined Student Senate and worked my way up from there,” said Willoughby. He is interested in woodshop, guitar, soccer, and running. Willoughby is also looking to get more student involvement with events such as dress-up days for Homecoming.


Treasurer: Amanda Croft

Amanda plays volleyball and is a member of PN’s forensics team and the National Honors Society. This will be Croft’s fourth year as a member of Student Senate. She wanted more of say and more of a directing role and decision making, as well as helping to formulate ideas for her class’s senior year. “I want to expand student involvement,” said Croft, which is one of the main goals of the Senate leaders this upcoming year.


Secretary: Delaney Beals

“I shadowed Rachel Zawistowski and that’s what really motivated me to be a Senate leader,” said Beals. Like the other members, she is really looking forward to raising more money for Breadlift, getting more support for Relay for Life, and getting as many students involved as possible. Beals enjoys music as well as painting and is well known around Northern for her artwork.