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Kylie Clifton

Kylie Clifton, Co-Editor in Chief

Senior Kylie Clifton is in her fourth year as a NL staff member. She is a co-editor in chief, having previously served the NL as both a business manager and feature editor, and she currently authors the feature column People of the Pack. “Journalism means so much to me, as a genre of writing, an aspect of news and media, and most importantly this class,” she shares. Since being on staff, I've been able to explore writing in a way I'd never thought possible in so many inspiring and cool ways.” One of Kylie’s proudest accomplishments - aside from spending over 11 hours on a single article - is learning to truly love herself. “I'm really happy with how bold, outspoken, talkative, fast paced, and odd a thinker I am,” she says. “I also really like my fashion sense, I hope everybody does because clothes are way too fun to not explore and try crazy things.”

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Is sleep really as important as everyone thinks? Feature editor Kylie Clifton thinks not.

Sleep is unnecessary

March 21, 2020
Hair: a celebration

Hair: a celebration

February 12, 2020


February 14, 2018
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Kylie Clifton