Procrastination plagues KAMSC student Arjav Patel

Procrastination plagues KAMSC student Arjav Patel

Kylie Clifton, Staff Writer

Kalamazoo Area Mathematics Science Center, KAMSC, boasts some of the smartest and most respected students from several districts. At first thought, one might assume these students are well rounded and never struggle significantly. Sophomore Arjav Patel, a KAMSC student and member of the PNHS Forensics team, is the opposite of this image. In fact, he has developed his own “5 Stages of Procrastination.”

Patel works to get caught up in French class. Photo by Kylie Clifton.

Patel has been involved in KAMSC for two years now, and is always participating in honors courses.  It seems the “monster” of procrastination has followed him everywhere he has gone, however. “I’ve definitely come close to affecting my grade, but I always was able to bring them back to normal.” Enjoying KAMSC can be difficult do the heavy workload. “It is definitely overwhelming and extremely difficult, but the teachers really care and acknowledge you and the workload, he says.

Patel, new to the Persuasive Category of Oratory, decided to do his oratory speech on the issue of procrastination to validate both his experiences and the experiences of others. Oratory, much like any other persuasive essay or speech, consists of proposing the problem, stating the cause of the issue, the effects of the issue and finally the solution. Patel even devised 5 steps he believes brings people down the path, and has also come up with some probable solutions. “I list out all my assignments and check them as I go off. And I always do the easier assignments first, enjoying the sensation of checking things off, dwindling my workload.” Patel finds his solutions directly aid his heavy workload.

Although Patel doesn’t find this to be the most successful way to finish his assignments, he’s been able to easily control and manage his time through previous times spent procrastinating. Further hoping students and adults alike can learn from this constant psychological spiral into anxiety.