Too Fast for Fast Food: Student Jobs

Sarah Cornell, Life and Style Editor

“Getting paid is the best part,” said Courtney Launder (11) regarding her job. There is no doubt that most high school students would love a few extra dollars from time to time. The best way to achieve that desire is to finally get that job that we all absolutely never wanted.

Besides money,  the best part of high high school students having a job is the experience that comes with it. Jobs give students the opportunity to learn how to interact with others in business-like way, which is something that could be extremely valuable in their future.  “I love every person that I work with,”said Launder. On top of learning valuable communication skills, there is a chance to meet students from others schools and possibly make friendships that will last a lifetime, which to be honest, has to one of the most valuable aspects.

As we begin to unfortunately grow up, there are added responsibilities that are added to our overcrowded schedule. One of those responsibilities should be picking up a check at the end of the week. “You don’t always have to ask your parents for money, you learn to be an adult,”said Brett Penny (11). Remember, the best part of not asking your parents for money is not having to ask them how to spend it. Oh yeah, what a bonus.

Having a job shows you how to manage, multitask, how to follow orders, and how to be in a work environment

— Brett Penny (11)

“You don’t have as much time for yourself and academics,”said Penny. Of course, high school students have loads on their plate. There is the issue of having endless hours of school work, extracurricular  and constantly trying to maintain a social life that play a huge role in the everyday life of students.  However, all of those conditions  are a given part of life that students have to balance. Some would argue that jobs are for adults, not students, and that there are more important things that students should spend time doing. Although there is some truth to that, there is still the fact that there are life lessons to learn through employment. “Having a job shows you how to manage, multitask, how to follow orders, and how to be in a work environment,”said Penny.

“I go home everyday smelling like pizza,”said Launder, which may not necessarily always be a bad thing. If that is the worst that can be said of having a job, then point the way towards the applications.