Forever and always

Kayla Malaski

The statement is one that is so easily clung onto and for so long can keep you attached to your past. (Kayla Malaski )

“Forever and always / you didn’t mean it baby” -Taylor Swift  “Forever & Always”

In Taylor Swift’s song “Forever & Always,” Taylor speaks of a past lover promising his love to her and how he didn’t end up meaning this. In the rest of the song, she illustrates how much it destroyed her when she slowly figured out this promise was a lie. “Forever and always” is a  statement that many couples use to show their love, promising forever and always to each other.  The statement is one that you can easily clung onto and for so long, keeping you attached to your past.  Promising forever and always means through everything you’ll be there for the person, and no matter if you’re dating or not, you’ll love them forever and always.  People break promises; no matter how much faith you may have in a person, they can and will break those promises and expectations you had for them.  This statement is an overused and critically harmful statement, especially when these high hopes cannot be lived up to. You should care about your significant other enough to not make this mistake.  The fake promise can keep you attached to a person that doesn’t deserve your attention or energy, but because of this promise, you might feel more inclined to stay.  Most importantly though, forever and always is a very long time, and it might be important to ask yourself if you can actually see yourself being by their side forever before making a promise like that and potentially hurting someone.