Me, myself, & I

Jaclyn Brubaker, Staff Writer

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less.” -C. S. Lewis

Humans are selfish by nature. We only care about ourselves. Me, myself, and I, right? We want what’s best for number one, regardless of what that will do to others. In our current culture, putting one’s own self above others is often not only encouraged, it is celebrated. How have we come to a point in society where lack of care for others in favor of personal promotion is glorified?

I’ve seen examples of this rooted in all parts of society. Perhaps the most striking one was a commercial for Equinox Fitness in which Narcissus, a famous villain in Greek mythology, is portrayed as a hero and a role model. Viewers are told Narcissus created a gift to the world by glorifying and obsessing over himself. The commercial, however, left out a crucial detail: Narcissus died due to his vain obsession. The warning of the original myth was missing, and unfortunately this point is often lacking in the actions of our culture. It is crucial, now more than ever, that we recognize the pedestals we put ourselves on and topple them, lest we carve ourselves into a vain, cruel god, not caring for the people crushed beneath our feet. We need to look at the decisions we make and ask ourselves: why am I truly making this decision? Will this hurt somebody or help them?

Of course, this does not mean anyone should sacrifice their health, mentality, or life for someone else, particularly a person that hurts them. If someone is in a toxic relationship, they should leave, regardless of how they think that person will feel about it. Care of others can only be possible after the care of one’s self. It essentially boils down to this: care about the people around you. No one is better than anyone else, regardless of race, religion, culture, wealth, or status. We’re all in this together, and I think it’s high time we stop playing to better our own status and start playing as a team. No more “me, myself, and I”. Now is the time to start thinking “us.”