Spring Fever: the arrival of Spring should increase serotonin levels, not Covid-19 cases

Lizzie Sheldon, Staff Writer

Since reducing restrictions, Michigan is now a hot spot of new cases nationwide. How can we prevent Spring Break from contributing to that? Click here to view the above New York Times coronavirus tracker live and with the most current updates. 

Longer days with more sunlight, the growth and bloom of flowers, and the circulation of pollen throughout the air highlights the fact that Spring has officially arrived. The change of seasons also provides people with new feelings and sensations known as Spring Fever. Individuals feel more energetic and with the longer daylight hours, less melatonin is naturally being produced by the body meaning we sleep less. The increased amount of sunlight causes both serotonin and dopamine levels to rise within the body; people experience a positive shift in their mood during Spring time. We become inspired to do more whether it be exercising and/or changing our diet for a healthier lifestyle or spring cleaning. However, during the global pandemic, it can be difficult for people to act on these motivational feelings while remaining Covid-19 safe.

Safe Travel

Spring Break gives people the opportunity to travel and to simply get away from their homes, but we must remain aware that there is a pandemic occurring at this point in time and the rise in Covid-19 cases will not just cease for two weeks because we want a vacation. If you are going to travel, do not use any sort of public transportation whether that be a plane or a bus. To lower your risk of contracting the virus, drive your own car and take a roadtrip with those within your own household. Always remain mindful of loved ones at higher risk of becoming very sick from the virus if you were to travel.

The CDC recommends that you receive a covid test before and after you travel and to isolate yourself, even if you test negative, once you have returned. Overall, at the end of the day, unless it is imperative that you travel, then it would be best to stay home in order to decrease any chance of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

The Great Outdoors

Additionally, remain outdoors as frequently as possible when in social settings. There are numerous outdoor activities that can add a nice change of pace to anyone’s repetitive days. You could simply go for a walk, jog or bike ride around your neighborhood. Whilst traveling by foot, you could look for a change in scenery at a park and set up a small picnic. Another athletic activity could be opting to go for a hike on a trail and then possibly camping in an area where it is easy to remain socially distanced from other groups of people. 

Typical routines can also be altered as well! If you usually travel to a gym to workout, instead try working out outdoors where you can receive a nice, healthy dose of vitamin D. Moreover, you can easily pick up a new hobby such as gardening if you feel so inclined from your surge of sudden motivation. Alternatively, springtime is no stranger to rainstorms and on those days, it will be beneficial to tackle some usual spring cleaning! 

Health Reminder

Spring is the perfect opportunity to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Reducing the number of Covid-19 cases is essential and the outdoors allows for some fun, socially distanced time. We have to remain mindful and vigilant of our actions during Spring Break and refrain from traveling to attend events with large gatherings of people. Seniors should remain especially conscious of their decisions during Spring Break as the end of the year events are approaching. Being quarantined for two weeks could result in you missing out on important and fun activities planned this year. Always remember to mask up, social distance, and wash your hands frequently to not only protect yourself, but others around you.