Student Story: Abby Ostrander


Ally Rabe, Sports Editor

Meet Abby Ostrander: Freshman, fifteen years old, brown hair, big smile. With that description, this girl may seem like many others at Portage Northern, but her talents and interests make her unique and different.

Last year, Abby started playing the viola. During the following months, it became her favorite thing to do. “My favorite subject is definitely Orchestra,” Abby said. She has had Mr. Hazen as a teacher for many years, due to the fact that he teaches at both NorthMiddle School and the high school. “I look up to Mr. Hazen,” Abby said, “he’s so talented at all the instruments he plays. I want to be like him.” She also enjoys another staff member’s musical talent. Mr. Killmer plays the viola as well, and the two have really bonded over the shared interest. Her love for the viola does not seem to be ending anytime soon. Abby has wanted to be a teacher ever since she was little, and currently she hopes to become an orchestra teacher so she can pass along her love for music.

Not only does this talented girl excel at an instrument, but she is also on Portage Northern’s Golf Team. “I’ve been playing for a long time,” said Abby. “I started because my grandparents would take me out golfing every summer.” Besides golf, she enjoys reading mystery and adventure novels and listening to music. Like many teenagers, she doesn’t enjoy school, but she likes to come to see her friends.

Along with her viola, her little sister, Vivian, means the most to her. Abby lives with her grandparents, but her sister does not. “She’s the only sibling I have and I rarely get to see her,” Abby said. “I was so excited for her to be born so I could have someone to play with.” Despite the nine year age difference, she treasures each moment she gets to spend with Vivian.

Walking next to Abby in the hallway, one would not realize her talent for the viola, her love for her sister, or her interests and hobbies. All of these things make her unique. Abby is one of those people who enjoys life by doing what she loves. No matter what, she remains positive. “I always have a smile on my face. Always.”