President’s Day: the never noticed holiday

Megan Rinock, Illustrator

There are a lot of holidays in American culture that are about as noticeable as dirt. Without fail, Americans never actually celebrate the few holidays that we do have about our country. The only major country-celebrating we do have is the 4th of July. But President’s Day? Memorial Day? Veterans Day? Where are the parties and the fireworks for those holidays?

We glorify Christmas beyond belief, but the few holidays that are about our country? I get not being able to celebrate every holiday, but shouldn’t we at least acknowledge and maybe eat a cake in the day’s honor? “We should acknowledge it, in my opinion. We should take a couple minutes that day at least to reflect on our past and current president, because without them we wouldn’t be the same, for better or for worse,” said Amanda Kellogg (11). “I feel like people don’t celebrate President’s Day because it’s not really all that publicized; it has a name on the calendar, but a lot of people don’t really know when it is if they don’t look, or why it would be celebrated.”

President’s Day is the day that we celebrate our nation’s leader, but with the recent election with the two least-favorite candidates in American history, maybe people don’t quite feel like celebrating. The most you might see is a sale at Art Van. “I don’t know about you, but I acknowledge every President’s Day by taking time to peruse all the mattresses and cars on sale,” said Contemporary International Studies teacher Ryan Ledlow. It’s funny that most people don’t celebrate President’s Day, yet furniture stores and car dealers offer huge deals for such a small holiday.
But although people don’t celebrate it, why isn’t it celebrated? “I think it is due to the fact there is debate over the effectiveness of each President,” said Ledlow. “If all Presidents were to be viewed as positive figures in American history, my guess would be that more people would celebrate a day devoted to them.” America’s holidays are heavily overlooked, but the most we have to look forward to shouldn’t be a sale, or for the lucky few, a day off school. But maybe, when you’re reclining in your brand new La-Z-Boy chair, it’s still worth it.