Snacks from the Past


Lexi Gavlas, Staff Writer

Lunchables:  You had to beg your mom to buy them just so you could show off your delicious customizable pizzas to all your friends at lunch.

“Yeah I ate a lot of Lunchables. I loved those a lot; I liked the nachos and the make your own sub one,” -Addie Maston (9)

“Those were gross, no I didn’t eat them.  I like real food, not plastic,”-Brennan Mulhall (10)


Nilla Wafers: The perfectly dippable cookie except when half of it would break off and sink to the bottom of your glass of milk.

“Those colored Nilla wafers, man,” -Sophie Morin (12)

“I remember I went to this camp and everyday we’d have Nilla wafers, pink lemonade and goldfish, and it was my favorite thing on earth,” -Zoe Holdorf (11)


Kids Cuisine: The frozen dinner with the dancing penguin on the front, but you were really only happy about the mediocre chocolate pudding with the star sprinkles on the side.

“I did eat a lot of Kid Cuisine. Chicken and pizza, those were my favorite,” -Cris Smith (9)

“It tasted like frozen crap, like their mac & cheese had ice cubes in it,” -Olivia Gross (10)


Kraft Mac & Cheese: Especially the SpongeBob shaped noodles.

“I don’t know-it’s just good…I like cheese…and macaroni,” -Patrick Garnaat (9)

“Kraft Mac & Cheese, definitely. In fact, I had a Mac & Cheese dance,” -Holdorf


Spaghetti: The classic Friday night meal when your mom couldn’t think of anything else to make.

“Well one time I was eating spaghetti and then I got really sick and yeah I remember that thoroughly,” -Jason Erhardt (9)

“I remember one time I had it; I ran around the house all energetic and I just stopped and threw up spaghetti all over the rug,” -Mulhall