Gym Class Heroes

Jon Crowell, Opinion Editor

“Saying someone takes a gym class too seriously is like saying someone tries too hard in math class,” said Reid Voinaroski (11). In a typical day for high schoolers, students will drive to school, then go to seven classes, only broken up by lunch in between, all while sitting down. In the midst of all this sitting around is the option to take a Phys Ed class — ranging from power training to advanced basketball. Not everyone is in favor of spending an hour of the school day in a P.E. class, but P.E. is a necessary class that should be treated the same as any other class.

Some may argue that P.E. classes are taking away from more important classes. While this may be true in some cases, most of the time the missed classes are electives anyway, such as seminars, foods classes, or web design. That is not to say that those classes are not important, but it is worth noting that most of the time P.E. is not taking away from core classes, but classes that are already expendable.

For athletes, the school day could be the only chance they have to lift. Staying in shape is a big part of playing a sport, so P.E. classes become even more of a necessity. If an athlete is training with intensity during practice, they should be expected to take training outside of practice just as seriously. “When you don’t get home from practice until late at night, during the school day is the only chance I have to lift,” said Gabe Sabio (12). For non-athletes, P.E. is an opportunity to stay in shape as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Overall, [gym classes are] a good way to stay in shape,” said Voinaroski. If you are taking a P.E. class, why not give it your full effort to get your body in shape? Take advantage of the opportunity to get out of a normal classroom and lift or run around. Students should take P.E. classes, and they should take them seriously.