The Legend of Hercules

Sarah Cornell, Life and Style Editor

Filled with action, adventure and a smidge of romance, The Legend of Hercules produced by Renny Harlin is a spot-on movie and definitely needs to be added to your ‘must see list’. You will be pleased to see Kellan Lutz in a whole new role. He proves himself to be so much more than a sidekick vampire from Twilight. Lutz shined in his role as Hercules, portraying his love for his people and for his love interest Hebe, played wonderfully by Gaia Weiss.

   Throughout this movie there is a constant struggle between the brothers, Hercules and Iphicles to win the love of princess Hebe. Hercules is eventually sent away to battle with hopes from Iphicles and the King Amphitryon, played by Scott Adkins, that he would not return. Because of this theme if romance and intense action, The Legend of Hercules would be an exceptional choice for that movie date this weekend.

  Even if Greek mythology is not a favorite subject, the fact that you will cry, laugh, and literally sit on the edge of the seat the entire movie should be the main reason to view this film. “ I would describe this movie as an action filled movie that plays with your emotions and keeps you on your toes,” said Marissa Heintz (11).

   Why go for the same old romantic comedy all the time? Go watch this ninety-nine minute film. There will be no regrets. “I particularly liked the fighting scenes or the ones where Hercules was shown as loyal and devoted to the people he loves,” said Heintz. After you end up adoring this movie,be sure to check out the Prince of Persia movies.