Notes to Northern: 20 December 2013


PN Students, Spreading Love

“Guy that wears a new beanie everyday, you’re going to let me borrow one…right?” – Anonymous

“Jenna Mattison, you are truly God’s gift to the world. You’re sweet, smart, sassy, and the greatest person I know. Stay amazing, bestie.” – Alaina Taylor

“Tyrone, Dave, Craig, Mantiham, Bobo, and Keith, you guys are supreme.” – Jethro

“To the girl who sits next to me in Algebra, you’re gorgeous and have the best dance moves out there. People are just judgmental; give it all you got! Rock it!” – Kelsie Manion

“Kyle Huitt is one good looking dude.” – Anonymous

“Hayden Smith, your singing sounds like Jesus.” – Anonymous

“I’ve never met anyone that could rock a boot like Ally Parks can! You will be back to doing your thing in no time!” – Anonymous

“If only I had a penny for all the times I hear how gorgeous the Beals sisters are!” – Maddie Franks

“Charles in my first hour, you’re one of the smartest kids I know, not to mention you have a sweet accent! Keep being you, bro!” – Anonymous

“I hope Mr. Perk is feeling better and comes back to school sooooon! You’re the best!” – Anonymous

“Sam Lupina, you’re beautiful.” – Eva Middleton

“Lyndsay Dudd, you are awesome on how you keep a smile everyday – the nicest person ever.” – Anonymous

“Nicole Warren, you are beautiful no matter what any guy says. Stay strong.” – Anonymous

“Keylee Girl, you’re so beautiful; just keep smiling. Don’t let people bring you down. Love you:-)” – Hannah

“Mr Nick & Mr Plunkett~ BIG SHOUT OUT for keeping things clear so our trek in & out of the building is safe & for always keeping everything running smoothly. Much of what you do is before we get here or behind-the-scenes but WE APPRECIATE YOU!!” – Mrs. Wilfong

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