Kumo Hibachi and Sushi

Kayla Malaski

I ordered the Edamame, Dynamite roll, California roll, Salmon roll, Tuna roll, Rainbow roll and Philadelphia roll.  All of these rolls are served with soy sauce and are wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed.  I ordered the Edamame as an appetizer and it surely arrived before the regular meal order.  The Edamame is a good portion and can serve two people with a single order.  The sushi itself came out not long after, served with wasabi and ginger to cleanse your palate between rolls.

 The Dynamite and Rainbow roll are specialty rolls, the Rainbow being a California roll with assortment of ingredients on top and the Dynamite being an assortment of fish and avocado splashed with sriracha.  These speciality rolls were delightful, they were a good size to dip into the soy sauce and the flavors complimrned each other well.  All rolls come with 6 pieces with the speciality rolls being a larger size width wise.  The California and Philadelphia rolls both have complimentary flavors, with the Philadelphia having cream cheese within it providing a creamier taste.  The California roll has cucumber, adding a bit of a nice crunch to it. The Tuna and Salmon rolls are more basic rolls and the smallest in size; these rolls are small and easy for putting wasabi or soy sauce onto and they have great base flavors and are great for the first time sushi trier.  The meal overall came out timely and was fresh, all of the rolls were put together and the presentation was wonderful.  The meal was enjoyable, tasty and fun.  

The restaurant’s staff and waiters were very kind and made every effort to make the meal accommodating. They provided answers about allergy questions and were able to create an accommodating experience for diners with allergies. The servers asked many questions to engage and many diners and servers were making conversation during the meal.  The atmosphere of Kumo is relaxing with lower lighting and art on the walls. The hibachi area is separated and dark for an entertaining experience.  This restaurant would be great for any pre-homecoming or prom dinners, as it’s more formal than your typical restaurant.  There are also plenty of options to choose from, so everyone can find something enjoyable.  The service is quick and helpful, and overall the restaurant provides an enjoyable experience every time I’ve visited.