Unwavering faith

February 17, 2023

Mina spreads both awareness and kindness through her faith. Pictured here is a gift bag that she gave to some of her teachers for Purim, which included traditionally-baked Hamantaschen as well as an educational sheet about the holiday. (NL Staff)

Despite how heavy these worries can be, Mina still walks the halls with a smile on her face and kindness in her heart. “Throughout my life it’s been emphasized, largely because of being Jewish, how hate is dangerous and being mean and oppressive is wrong,” she says.

Judaism holds that people are worthy of respect and kindness. Hate and discrimination are things that destroy: Jews are built to heal. “It’s who I am, and it’s what I love,” she says. “Does being a minority come with some icky stuff? Yes. Does that hinder my love for my religion? Not at all.”

In the face of adversity, Mina remains not just steadfastly, but unapologetically, Jewish. 

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