Thanksgiving Top Ten

The Journalism 1 Class Shares Their Top Ten Favorite Things about Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from 2nd Hour Journalism

Happy Thanksgiving from 2nd Hour Journalism

Journalism 1 Students, Future Staffers

As Thanksgiving approaches, the 2nd hour journalism students share their favorite things about the holiday and the break.

1 – DAYS OFF: We will have three days off. Nuff said, but no cramming, no projects, no staying up late studying, and, teachers, don’t you even think about assigning any homework.

2 – THE TURKEY HAND PAINTING: Everyone remembers those days long ago in elementary school when the teachers had us trace our hands and make it a turkey. If the teacher was really good, it would end up a place mat for Thanksgiving dinner. Well, now our moms will pull it out and remind us of all those great elementary moments.

3 – THE INTERROGATION: Every time the whole family gathers, it is given that we will be answering lots of questions. “So, who’s your girlfriend?” “How are your grades?” “How many inches have you grown?” Sound familiar? This year, make up some crazy answers.

4 – BLACK FRIDAY: Ok, so I know it’s the day after Thanksgiving, but even from the time we were little, we had fun waking up at 4:00 AM and heading out to stand in the lines freezing our buns off simply to get a $10 Tupperware set. But wasn’t it a blast hanging with mom and the crazy aunts and cousins!

5 – PIE: Pie!!! Pie!!! Pie!!! Give me some pie!

6 – UGLY SWEATERS: What says “I’m a total nerd” more than a cheesy Thanksgiving sweater – made from grandma’s sweet hands and now on our irritated skin.

7 – PLAYING VIDEO GAMES WITH RELATIVES: This is the time to compete with the cousins for year-long bragging rights! #headkill…

8 – WISHING BONE: Nothing is more American than fighting over who gets to snap the turkey’s bone in half and actually believing our wishes will come true. “She got to do it last year!” MERICA!

9 – THE LIONS: Yes, they will lose again on Thanksgiving, but while we have the background noise of the announcers explaining how the Lions suck, we at least have grandma’s mashed potatoes to distract us from the reality that the Lions will NEVER win a Super Bowl. “More gravy please.”

10 – A DAY TO BE THANKFUL: Might sound cheesy, but let’s be real. How many things do we take for granted? Take a deep breath and thank your parents, God, or whomever you owe gratitude.