Tips for survival: Hallway etiquette

Advice on ways to manage the halls at Portage Northern.

Hannah Winegar, Feature Editor

Students at Northern only have five minutes to get from one part of the school to another. The last thing one needs is to be late to his or her next class due to other people. So perhaps shedding some light on the most common hallway hiccups will make Northern hallways less of a terror.

1) Limit hallway couple time:
Now I’m as much of an advocate of young love as anyone can be – unless couples having “Couple Time” is making me late to class. Now I know that 50 minutes can be a long time to go without seeing your significant other, but either let distance make the heart grow fonder, or keep it to the sides of the hallways.

2) Crews do not need to waddle across the entire hallway:
I know that no one wants to be the awkward friend that has to trail behind and be out of the conversation, but that is why we have texting, Twitter and Facebook. Single file, people, it saves everyone time.

3) Avoid the left door:
I think that one speaks for itself. Two words: death trap.

4) Treat hallways like you would the road:
Most Northern students either have taken or are taking Driver’s Education. So picture the hallways of Northern like you would a regular street. One drives on the right side of the road, so walk on the right side of the halls. This is not Europe. The same goes for the stairs. They are divided in half for a reason.

5) “Cuddle piles” do not need to be the center of attention:
Just like it is for relationships, I know that an entire class period is an eternity to go without telling your BFF about the one thing that the one cute guy tweeted last night. Again, just like it is for couple time, cuddle piles have a place. Keep it out of the middle of the halls!