Logic: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


Zach Quinn, Staff Writer

Logic just dropped an album that’s going to be hard for him to top. Released on May 10th, Logic blessed his fans with my unpopular opinion of “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind being his best album he’s released so far.” The album cover is weird looking but understandable. The cover shows Logic and the person inside of him acting 2 different ways. It’s a cool picture to look at and soon to be hanging up in my college dorm room.

Out of all 16 songs on the album, all 16 of them are going to stay on my phone and going to listen to for a while. This is hands down the best Logic has put out since “The Incredible True Story.” Logic’s recent divorce with his wife more than likely influenced this album. Logic stated last year that he was going to retire from the rap game and settle down to be a good husband. Now that he’s divorced, he can now focus on the grind of making new music now that he doesn’t have to worry about others. This album has taken him back to his old roots of producing hits when he was just having fun in the studio and not trying to reach bigger audiences. In order of the album, the songs are Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Homicide (featuring Eminem), Wannabe, clickbait, Mama / Show Love (featuring YBN Cordae), Out of Sight, Pardon My Ego, COMMANDO (featuring G-Eazy), Icy (featuring Gucci Mane), Still Ballin (featuring Wiz Khalifa), Cocaine, Limitless, Keanu Reeves, Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different (featuring Will Smith), BOBBY (featuring My Dad), and lastly Lost in Translation. He has 3 already released singles on this album being Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Homicide (featuring Eminem), and Keanu Reeves. These 3 songs before the album to me showed that this album was going to be good. His last released single was Homicide and when I saw that Eminem was featured, Logic was back to his old self. All of the features he has on the album fit each and every song very well. They all hit on the feature to make Logic sound like a top 10 rapper of all time. If you take his best songs compared to other rappers best songs, you will understand what I’m talking about. The best song off of the album, in my opinion, is either clickbait, COMMANDO, or Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different. With so many great songs to choose from, I couldn’t just pick one. Listening to this album will be the move no matter what mood you are in or will be in. This album can put you into any mood you wanna feel and that’s a great thing to have for an album from Logic.

This album was my favorite album that Logic has ever put out. Even though “The Incredible True Story” was a great album, this one tops it by a slight hair. Getting divorced might have turned back the clock on his rap career for the better. My final rating of this album is a 9.5 out of 10. Logic really came out of nowhere to drop the best album of his career in my opinion.