Beauty is the best (caution: contains spoilers!)


Abby Seeber, Entertainment Editor

I had my regrets. I did. You can quote me on that. The hardcore Disney freak that I am, had regrets. But, Beauty and the Beast surpassed any expectation imaginable. They could sing! They could dance! While it was all still set in France! Okay, I can reword the lyrics all I would like, but I’m sure you just want to hear about the movie. Be my guest. Okay, sorry, I will stop.

Emma Watson. Let me repeat. Emma Watson. She was a perfect Belle. When it was first announced that Watson would take on the iconic role, there was plenty of criticism, at least from my buddies. From the minute Watson emerged onto the screen a warm presence blanketed the audience. Once I saw Watson, it was evident the role was in good hands. She stayed so true to the original character, while adding that little charm that only Emma Watson can bring.

Overall, the movie was well cast. Every character decision was perfect to the T. I will start with America’s Favorite Villain. (Okay just my favorite villain, but same thing, right?) Gaston was artfully portrayed by Luke Evans. At the beginning, when the handsome devil is first introduced, Belle denies him. He seems like a pretty good guy until he ties Belle’s father, Maurice, up in the woods to be eaten by the wolves. (No, really, not figuratively.) Maurice was the most adorable old man ever. I want to adopt him. I also want to adopt LeFou. Gaston’s sidekick, LeFou took the cake. Played by Josh Gad, LeFou is a near exact parallel to the original animated film. Gad perfectly portrayed Lefou’s quirky character, while humanizing him.

There has been some controversy in regards to the “gay moment,” as coined by Twitter. The director released an early statement claiming that there was a moment that would portray a sexuality that was foreign to the Disney franchise. Conservatives were troubled  and boycotted the film. Guys, it is five seconds long, and so engrained in the character that you could likely miss it if you weren’t looking for it.  It fits perfectly with the film and in no way tarnishes the plot or integrity of the character, LeFou (sorry, but I did warn you there would be spoilers).

I’m not done with the amazing casting choices by the way; you in the back, take a seat, we will be here for awhile. Lumiere and Cogsworth perfectly contrasted each other and were animated incredibly well. Can I have a mini Lumiere as a pet? Mrs. Potts and Chip were as adorable as can be. Chip was always able to relieve the tension as he bounced around the room like a little ping pong ball. As for Mrs. Potts, she is the most motherly presence. She is like Nancy Nott except she can’t read, because she is a teapot.

As for the Beast, the CGI was incredibly executed. He looked like a real beast. I want to marry him more than you do, Belle! In fact, the social media world has taken to calling the Beast “hotter than the prince.” -tumblr. I’m not sure I would go that far, but the Beast’s mannerisms and physicality were crazy good.

For the Live Action Film, directors called upon musical genius Alan Menken to write some new songs for theatres. Menken wrote a song for the Beast that beautifully captures his broken self. “For who could ever learn to love a beast?” the narrator asks, and every single one of us stands up and raises our hands. And then Janice in row h, seat twelve, puts her finger to her lips and shushes us. You’ll never find love, Janice.

The cinematography is stunning. My personal favorite was the ballroom scene, and… and… the library. The beautiful library. The production budget was well spent. If I pay them ten dollars do you think they can renovate my house to look like that? No?

Belle has a few iconic outfits that are well…iconic. You cannot mess them up, not allowed. I will admit, I didn’t care much for her blue peasant dress. Granted, they are transforming a beloved costume into reality. It was a little too detailed for my vision. But, the yellow dress that is in the iconic ballroom scene got a facelift that I can get on board with. The costume designers essentially modernized the classic yellow ball gown. The gown was renovated with the addition of glitter and a new neckline. I loved it and I keep scouring the internet looking for a replica to wear to Prom. Anyone want to donate $478?

Beauty and the Beast is a beloved classic and the production crew were fully aware they had to get everything right. The writers added some new moments that assist in understanding Belle’s backstory as well as the Beast’s, further solidifying that they are relationship goals. Do I dare say that I like it more than the original? Yes. I do. It was that good. When my only critique is a dress that she wears for twenty minutes, it must be pretty good. I give Beauty and the Beast ten out of ten stars.