Jenna Mattison, Photographer and Staff Writer

Divergent, by Veronica Roth, is the new “it” book and soon-to-be movie.  Similar to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Maze Runner by James Dashner,  this novel is a part of the dystopian genre.  This book is about Tris Prior whose life takes place in the future, where society is split into five factions.  Each faction has their own beliefs on how to make the society better.  Abnegation focuses on selflessness, Amity is for the peaceful, and Erudite focuses on intelligence.  Dauntless is for the brave, and Candor is about honesty.  Every sixteen year old must choose their faction, meaning they can stay in the one they are born into or move away from their family to join another.

Tris leaves Abnegation for Dauntless and shocks everyone, including herself.  She finds out that she is Divergent, a rare quality that could lead to her death if anyone finds out. She is put to the test both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Between her new friends and a new love interest, Tris has to do everything in her power to protect her secret and everything she cares about from one power hungry leader and the revolution. As a perfect mix of action and romance, the Divergent series are great books for young adults.

Divergent the film is coming to theatres in 2014.  Packed with A-list actors such as Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet, the director, Neil Burger did not have much trouble getting the word out about this film.  In fact, many Hunger Games fans have now become Divergent enthusiasts. Divergent, the movie is coming to theatres March 21.


Divergent Quiz: What faction are you- Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, Dauntless or Candor?


How would your friends describe you?

A. generous






What is your favorite color?







Which type of movies do you like most?







What is your favorite subject?







What is your dream job?

A. doctor

B.social worker



E.police officer


If you answered Mostly A’s

You would fit best into Abnegation, the faction that focuses on Selflessness. This is the faction that Tris grew up in, but she was not cut out for this lifestyle. She was not as charitable as you have proved to be.


Mostly B’s

Your best fit is Amity, the faction of peacefulness. You do not like conflict, but enjoy compromise and unity.


Mostly C’s

You are meant for Erudite, which is focused on intelligence. You are incredibly knowledgeable and will do great things someday.


Mostly D’s

Your faction is Dauntless, home of the brave.  Just like Tris, you love action and a full-speed lifestyle.


Mostly E’s

Your faction is Candor, faction of honesty. You dislike gossip and believe that the truth will set you free.