PN remembers the attacks of 9/11

Morgan Brooks, J1 Staff Writer

To Portage Northern High School, remembering 9/11 is important. The day started with a moment of silence led by principal Jim French, and many teachers focused their lessons on the events of that day.

“It’s important for us to remember that when we have those types of situations we have to remember those that have sacrificed for us,” said French. Many PN teachers also see the significance in commemorating the day. “I can’t imagine not talking about that day,” said history teacher Kim Palmer. “It’s such a landmark event that even if you weren’t alive for it, there have been changes that have impacted the American society.”

The students at Portage Northern also agree that that day should be something classes are informed on. “It was a very tragic event in U.S. history and it shouldn’t be forgotten… we have to remember all the lives that were lost,” said freshman Luke Briden. Though some students believe this subject is boring, they understand that 9/11 has left a huge mark in U.S. history.

Understanding the events of the day is particularly important considering that today’s high schoolers were all born after 9/11. “That (9/11) was a big deal in our history and that needs to be talked about so we don’t forget about it,” said Freshman Sloan Markin.

In perhaps an unexpected twist, government teacher John Fitzpatrick chose not to teach about 9/11 this year. “We talk about government things every single day, the idea is that we talk about 9/11, patriotism, core democratic values during our unit on culture…It’d be like Constitution Day, every day in government class in Constitution day, we don’t have a specific day to talk about the Constitution,” he said.