Sheila Mwanda, Staff Writer

Do or don’t: Nike shirt, Adidas track pants with the latest Air Jordan’s. Those who think “don’t” are a specific kind of consumer known as a brand loyalist. In today’s world of business, brand loyalty is essential not only for businesses, but for consumers themselves.

To begin with, being loyal to specific brands allows one to get to know the values that a brand upholds. “You vote with your dollar” is a common phrase used to show the power people have over a brand by choosing whether or not to buy the goods and services provided by a company. Loyalty to brands allows people to be conscious of the ideals that they are supporting. Most people want to support brands and companies that share their same political and ethical values, and establishing close relationships with a few specific brands makes this easier.

In addition, brand loyalty ensures consumer satisfaction in terms of the products they purchase. Choosing a brand and sticking with it allows one to know the quality of what they are buying and thus won’t be disappointed from buying products that aren’t worth their price. On the same note, consumers will be able to gauge whether or not what they are purchasing is worth its dollar amount.

People also choose to be brand loyal to brands due to aesthetic reasons. Brands intentionally design their products so that they can look good together. In several aspects, such as colors, material, and logo design, sticking to one brand makes ensembles such as outfits and art more appealing to the eye.