Forensics team wins Portage Central tournament

Abby Seeber, Opinion Editor

From left, Forensics team members Gracie McGrath, Jessica Spray, and Madz Van Winkle get ready to start the tournament. Stay tuned for more highlights in a vlog to be posted next week! Photo by Abby Seeber/NL.

The Huskie Forensics team competed at the Portage Central tournament over the weekend. While the team had one lone first place, Cole Curtiss in Prose, the team was lifted by a host of finals and semi-finals performances to win the overall sweepstakes. Portage Northern won the tournament with a total of 157.7 points, 24.5 points over second place Grand Rapids Christian. Host Portage Central did not compete in sweepstakes because they were the “home” school, but their sweepstakes total was 140 points, which would have put them in between PN and GRC in the final standings.  “My multiple had a good day and felt good, but didn’t break finals,” said Aly Weaver. “As a team it was a weird tournament, but we ended up winning overall, which shows that we have a strong team. We don’t just have a few people that can win; we have a lot of people who can break semis and finals.”

The results from the tournament were as follows:


  • 3rd Kushi Matharu
  • 4th Bella Chadwick
  • Broke Semis: Daniel Garreton


  • Broke Semis: Gerrit Rummell, Kim White


  • 3rd Nirvisha Singh
  • Broke Semis: MacKenzie Farmwald


  • 2nd: Ailee Pearce
  • 5th: Lexi Gavlas
  • Broke Semis: Eva Pinilla


  • 2nd: Tashifa Fayyaz
  • 4th: Issra Said
  • 6th: Brie Bradley
  • Broke Semis: Allison McKenzie


  • 2nd Wes Hyames
  • 6th Austin Vanderwheele
  • Broke Semis: Omaj Thaj

Sales 9/10

  • 3rd: Zainab Fayyaz
  • 5th: Lena Lukowski
  • Broke Semis: Megan Wright, Sarah Gleason

Dramatic Interpretation

  • 2nd: Isaac Reid
  • 3rd: Lily Antor
  • Broke Semis: Madz VanWinkle


  • 3rd: Abby Seeber/Stephanie Scafaria
  • Broke Semis: Lauren Hart/Marissa Toomsen


  • 2nd: Isa Figueroa, Ellie Mancina, Elliot Hoinville, Stormm Byers, Audrey Everett, Nico Weaver
  • Broke Semis: Aly Weaver, Max Case, Amelia Schillaci, Jordan Bruner, Hunter Pitsch, Miranda Kornowicz, Marina Alcarez


  • 4th Olivia Gross
  • Broke Semis: Cortney Chow, Isabella Metzner


  • 1st Cole Curtiss
  • 5th Ryan Daniel
  • 6th Meredith Ablao
  • Broke Semis: Gracie McGrath


  • 4th Ashlyn Suloff

DI 9/10

  • 2nd Trinity Posey
  • 3rd Joslyn Miller
  • 4th Hannah Thomas Perez
  • Broke Semis: Sydney Kruggel