The house is getting fuller.


Abigail Seeber, Staff Writer


The house is getting fuller


What ever happend to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening T.V? On February 26, the milkman, the paperboy, and evening T.V will return… more or less. Fuller House, The Full House  spin off series, features the original cast of D.J. , Stephanie, Joey, Danny, Becky, and yes… even Uncle Jesse. Unfortunately, the Olsen Twins won’t be returning to revive their role as Michelle, explaining “It is just bad timing for us.”  None the less, there is still plenty to be excited about with the return of this childhood classic.

The series takes place in the exact same house the Tanner Family lived , but D.J.                                                                                                                                                                and Tommy Fuller live there alongside their three children. D.J.’s husband, Tommy, passed on, and D.J. continued to reside there.  The “Fuller Family” includes D.J. and her three sons, after her husband, Tommy, passes on.  Just as Danny did when his wife Pam died, D.J. calls in reinforcements. These reinforcements are none other than Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler.  D.J. will most likely be mirroring her father during this difficult change (but, will she be as Lysol obsessed as Danny?) Kimmy will be the goofball, mirroring Joey; and that leaves Stephanie, being the carefree Uncle Jesse figure.

Kimmy and Stephanie, if you remember correctly, were natural born enemies in Full House. Will they have grown out of their differences and form an alliance for D.J.’s sake? Hopefully not. It has been revealed that Kimmy will have a daughter, Ramona, and be divorced from her husband. Can’t you already hear Stephanie yapping Gibbler’s ear off about that one?  Hopefully Gibbler’s comeback ensues a “How Rude!” Guess who else is coming back! Guess! STEVE! D.J.’S first love! No other information regarding D.J. and Steve has been released by the director, but hopefully there is a rekindled romance, or I am sueing.

Despite known aspects such as cast, synopsis, place, and a few minor details, there are still quite a few  questions we can ask. Is it just one season? Did Danny find love again? Did Becky and Jesse’s sons ever make any friends other than each other? Did Stephanie date anyone? Ever? All these questions and more, will hopefully be answered, come February 26. Are we ready? “You got it, Dude!”


The TOP FIVE  most popular Full House catchphrases


“Have Mercy!”: usually following a passionate kiss between Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky.


“How Rude!” Stephanie generally repeated the phrase whenever Kimmy Gibbler was a little too extra.


“You got it,dude!” Michelle’s favorite line. One of the most memorable television catchphrases of the early 90’s, according to me and my infinite knowledge.


“*Insert pun about Lysol.*” Danny Tanner. Need I say more?


“Cut. It. Out.” Joey Gladstone, finished up his comedy routines with this, and the live studio audience would deem that a real knee slapper.