Pros to All Things College


Kyle Huitt and father, Doug Huitt, enter Hillsdale college for the first time

“Now that all jobs are dependent on a college education, then college is for sure necessary in getting a successful job,” says Nirvisha Singh (10). College is so overly important in guaranteeing a solid lifestyle these days. In the past, there was no need for college and students would work at a car shop for the rest of their lives and have a comfortable lifestyle. Times have definitely changed and the pressure to get into college has definitely increased.

Some may think that the price of college is completely ridiculous, but in the long run, it actually isn’t that awful due to scholarships and financial aid. The economy is so demanding in pushing students into an elite college and pressuring them into getting a good job that students have to go thousands of dollars in debt. “Part of the reason is that the economy now requires more and more Americans to have some education beyond high school, and we’ve never accommodated the numbers we have now and the numbers we’ll have in the future,” says Financial aid is one of the many ways that college helps students get into the college of their dreams. “I think that financial aid should only be given to students that actually need it so that it would even it out more,” says Singh.

The ACT and SAT tests are the primary reasons that students get into a good college. “I think that this test is an accurate way to look at how students do because not all schools or teachers are the same. Some teachers and courses are easier than others, so it’s a fair and objective way to look at all of the students,” says Singh. Since all students take the same test, it gives an accurate representation on how well the students work well one on one, how they use strategies to complete a task, and how they can use all of their basic knowledge in one test. “I can understand where colleges are coming from when they want us to take the SAT or ACT just to get general information on the students,” says Kennedy Williams (11).

Now that the demand for college has been increasing, several jobs are dependent on a college education. Most students get these unrealistic ideas about what they want later on in life such as a solid job, a beautiful house, tons of money to buy what they want, and to travel. The only way that any of that is possible is to go to college in order to fulfill those dreams.  “I want to go to Western for law and eventually become a prosecuting attorney, so I definitely need to go to college,” says Maryn Brown (10). Overall, college is a great experience and is needed for several jobs and to be able to thrive later on in life.