Early 2000’s Disney Quiz


Abigail Seeber, Staff Writer

Ah, such nostalgia. Let’s take a journey through your childhood’s exploration of “television” (unless you weren’t allowed to watch TV… so … awkward) to determine what your childhood faves say about you.


Which theme song was your jam?

That’s so Raven                 The Proud Family


Which were you more convinced you were?

An undercover celeb,                                      A Wizard dating a werewolf

trying to be a normal teen


Who was your OTP?

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable     Lizzie McGuire and Gordo


Favorite “Disney Channel Original Movie”

Stuck in the Suburbs     Sky High


Which was your favorite Cheetah Girls movie?( Cheetah girls 3 is excluded because no Raven=no movie)

Cheetah Girls 1     Cheetah Girls 2


Favorite crossover episode?

That’s so Suite Life of Hannah Montana     Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana


What treat did you consume while you watched Disney Channel?

Loco hot cocoa     Anything from the Chill Grill


What would you rather do?


say:”I’m ___ and you’re watching Disney Channel”     Be a guest star on Radio Disney


Which Jonas Brother? (Let’s face it, nobody liked Kevin)

Nick     Joe


Who would be your sidekick?

Lilly Truscott      Chelsea Daniels


Which was your childhood Binge?

Suite Life of Zack and Cody      Wizards of Waverly Place


Favorite Disney Daddy

Robby Ray Stewart     Victor Baxter


Which is the more dynamite cast?

Even Stevens     Phil of the Future


Which Show do you not remember?(I will cry if you say both)

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers     Life with Derek


Which Unrealistic Bedroom was your FAVE?

Raven’s “Hook Up my Space!” Bedroom      LONDON’S CLOSET. I WILL LIVE THERE.


Which Twin?

Dylan Sprouse     Cole Sprouse


Which show is most underrated?

Phil of the Future     Jonas L.A.


Pick One.

Camp Rock     High School Musical


Style Icon?

London Tipton     Maddie Fitzpatrick


Who is your Spirit Animal?

Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez     Roxie Roker (Roxie like a Puma)


Best Cartoon?

Proud Family     The Emperor’s New School



You’re Practically a Disney Star yourself

You know (almost) every line and will bust out into “The Best of Both Words” on any given day. We’re pretty sure you actually are an undercover celebrity… or at least a Cheetah Girl (or guy, I don’t judge.)


You’re nothing more than a humble bellhop.

Hey! But don’t worry! At least you’re not Arwin… And Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez will show you the ropes! You make good money in tips and you have free reign of the kitchen of the Hotel! But no running in the lobby!


You’re the recurring character that shows up in every Disney Show, but never had much Significance.

Not bad! You get the money, without the pressures of fame. You have the Best of Both Worlds (Pun intended). And even better, someday you may even star in a DCOM or be a judge on American Idol if that’s still going on.