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What’s the buzz

Lily Antor, staff writer

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North Korea allegedly has success in first hydrogen bomb test

“It’s about time that we did something, and stop letting Kim Jong-un do whatever he wants.” – Austin Vanderweele (10)


Wisconsin Republicans vote to cut Planned Parenthood funding

“That’s not such a good idea. Some people really need the services because they can’t afford basic necessities on their own.” – Natalie Eidson (10)


Teen protesting dress code forced to get on her knees

“That was certainly not the best way of handling the situation.” – Cole Curtiss (11)


Astronomers discover largest known solar system

“That’s lit. I hope through this discovery we can learn more about the universe and even the mechanics of our own solar system!” – Reece Brosco, (11)


Los Angeles student 1 of 12 in world to earn perfect AP calculus score

“That seems pretty impossible. I thought AP government was bad, I can’t even imagine calculus.” – Abby Allen, (10)


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