Stereotypes: The Christian Kid


Eric Staats, Copy Editor


Good student, well mannered, anti-science, and intolerant.

The Story:

Kyle Huitt (12) is involved with the Latin Club, the Bible Club, Michigan Youth in Government, and Forensics at PortageNorthernHigh School. He has grown up in a Christian family and currently attends services two to three times a week at Berean Baptist. While he may be a good student, he does not feel the stereotype is accurate. Huitt does not base his beliefs on “blind faith” as the general population believes Christian’s do, and rather has researched and reaffirmed his beliefs, and while some Christians might not treat everyone with love, he feels as though the majority of Christians, himself included, do.

Students’ View

“People think [that] Christians think we are better than everyone because we don’t do certain things. But if I could choose the stereotype, it would be that a Christian is a flawed person who is living in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. That we are intelligent people who have reasons for believing in the existence of a God and the truth of the Bible, that we are never judgmental but ready to stand by our convictions with kindness and respect, and that we are caring and eager to show the love of Jesus Christ that we ourselves have been shown.”