Girl Code: Bathrooms

Megan McKenzie, Photo Manager

Bathroom Behavior: Girls are super particular about how, where, and when to use the bathroom. Why? We don’t actually know, it is just sort of in our blood. There are certain things that are acceptable and not acceptable in the utopian women’s bathroom. So what exactly are the do’s and don’ts of a girl’s bathroom etiquette?


  • “It’s always annoying when you walk in and see a girl doing her make-up,” says Jordan Taffee (12). Doing makeup is something to be done BEFORE coming to school ladies. If some touch-ups are crucial then make those touch-ups somewhere where you aren’t in the way of all of the other girls in the bathroom. “It’s so hard when I am trying to wash my hands and I can’t because girls are taking up the whole sink,” says Ericka Lozon (10).
  • Next let’s address those nasty toilets of ours. “The toilets are automatic,” says Malena Harlan (10), “so why do they not flush?” If you are one of those girls stuffing wobs of toilet paper and wrappers in the toilets, then you’re just plain NASTY. What joy does this bring you? Because for everyone else, it is just frustrating and makes the entire bathroom smell revolting.
  • ”I just don’t understand why girls have to go in pairs to the bathroom,” said Conor Handlogten (10). We are all a victim of this the classic ‘OMG will someone PUH-lease accompany me across the scary cafeteria to the bathroom?’  It’s completely natural! “What is there to do in  the bathroom other than going to the bathroom?” said Brandon Bye (12). The  walk to the bathroom is a great bonding time for best friends to talk about that crazy load of bio homework they have, the adorable boy who has been making googly eyes at her all week, and any of the juiciest gossip trending at PN.

So even though what females do in the bathroom may seem so unimportant to the males around us and so extremely important to girls, rules like not talking to each other from different stalls, not hogging the mirrors, and keeping our bathrooms sanitary need to be put into place. “We are classy human beings,” says Maddie Hlavacek (10), “get it together, females.”