Free Guy: the predictable lovechild of Lego Movie and Ready Player One

Annabelle Bartz, Staff Writer

I am not good at keeping up to date with movies. I rarely go to theaters and really only do Marvel movies. Anytime anyone I know suggests a show or movie, I tell them if I can’t stream it I won’t watch it. With all that being said, guess what dropped on Disney Plus on February 23, having initially been released on August 13, 2021? Free Guy has now made its Disney Plus debut. Starring Ryan Reynolds, the movie is pretty comical, but overall I didn’t really like it cause there is a movie that I feel already did it. Not saying that it did it better, just that it did it first. 

Reynolds plays Blue Shirt Guy, or Guy for short. He wakes up and has the same day every day, but once he sees a specific girl, he suddenly breaks the cycle of programming and becomes the first artificial intelligence as –surprise– Guy lives in a video game. Once he realizes this, he starts to level up in the violence-based game by doing good deeds. In the real world, the player he falls in love with is trying to prove that the game designer that bought up their game is using the software without crediting them. Basically that’s the plot, except there is also a really awesome best friend character named Buddy, who might be one of my favorite characters in the show. 

Overall the movie is pretty funny, but it prioritizes humor over the plot in my opinion. This is to say that the comedy for the most part is pretty good, but characters make some weird jumps in logic and overall, the story was predictable and fell pretty flat. If you want to watch the same movie but one with a better plot, you can just watch the Lego Movie. I’ve got to be honest: if you combined Ready Player One and the Lego Movie, what you would have is Free Guy.