Talking With Teacher: “Wake Up & Be Awesome”

Kim Palmer, Great PN Teacher

Strolling through Kohl’s a couple of weeks ago, the words “Wake up and be Awesome” caught my eyes on little sign and it screamed “BUY ME”.   I had to have it!  I want each day to be one that is celebrated.

I love watching “Kid President” on you tube. Have you seen him? He makes me smile and inspires me, and he is always talking about being awesome and dancing! Who doesn’t love to do both!?  We can quickly get caught up in all the “to do’s” in life and forget to simply be AWESOME! What that looks like for each of us may be different, but it seems everywhere we look these days there are words, quotes, sayings capturing our attention and reminding us of the “good” in life. One check- in on Facebook and you can see these posts (memes) everywhere…I, personally, love them…well most of them… WORDS have power!! It seems like we need a lot of reminders these days. How do you use your words? To tear down or to build up? In my home and my classroom, I often talk about “speaking life” into each other lives. Do your words speak truth and life to others? Think of what it feels like when you receive encouragement…Pass that on to someone.  Work hard at thinking before you speak. An acronym that we use in our home is T.H.I.N.K… “Is what I am about to say TRUTHFUL, HELPFUL, INSPIRING, NECESSARY,  KIND?” Make a decision to use your words in POWERFUL, not PITIFUL, ways.  “WAKE UP and BE AWESOME”!