Top 10 Ways to Survive a General Admission Concert


Laura Kirkendall, Staff Writer

1. Arrive early. By early I do mean before sunrise. Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, coffee, or whatever you may need to make it through 12 hours of waiting in line.


2. Bring a friend. They will be able to hold your place in line while you get food or take bathroom breaks. Also, they can save you from extreme boredom, as you will have someone to talk with for hours.


3. Wear layers because being in a crowd for hours can get hot. Layers will allow you to prepare for any shifts in temperature.


4. Pack a snack and water. The worst experience is to be stuck in a huge crowd of people and feel like you are going to faint, or actually faint.


5. Wear tennis shoes or any other durable shoes. You will not want to stand for hours feeling uncomfortable and end up with possible blisters.


6. Run. I do not care what the security guards say, they are not going to chase you down. They will tell everyone to walk but if you actually listen to them be ready to enjoy watching the backs of hundreds to thousands of heads instead of who you came to see.


7. Keep your ground. When you get your spot, spread out a bit so you can breathe and do not let anyone push you around.


8. Stand behind people who are shorter than you. You will be able to see better and the concert and the concert will be more enjoyable. Again staring at the back of someone’s head is no fun.


9. Your elbows are your secret weapon; do not be afraid to use them. Although be careful who you use them on, you do not want to start a fight.

10. Enjoy the concert! Do not take too many pictures and just live in the moment. Have fun and create some great memories.