South Westnedge skate park ready for warm weather despite needing renovations

Mitchell Barnard, Staff Writer

As the weather turns warmer, Huskie skateboarders are headed outside to find new places to ride. The South Westnedge skatepark, located on 9010 S Westnedge Ave, is a place for everyone. The park is for all ages and primarily used by skateboarders, but is used for other skate activities also, including roller blading, roller skating and scooters. Some of the favorite obstacles in the park are the Airplane Wings, the Taco and the Mini Quarter. The Airplane Wings are the nickname for the 2 ledges in the shape of what look like actual airplane wings.  The Airplane Wings are usually skated by intermediate and expert skaters due to their large height and length. The Taco is the nickname for a ramp that is rounded around like a taco shell with its steep incline and big metal coping. It is skated by intermediate and expert skaters and is a favorite because it’s easy to do multiple times in one run and for all the different and unique options to skate it. The third and arguably favorite obstacle in the whole park is the Mini Quarter. It’s a long ramp that’s perfect for learning new tricks making it fit for any skater as there are multiple ways to skate it. 

The  skate park has been around for over a decade and because of weather and skating some of the obstacles are beginning to deteriorate. The first issue noticeable in the skatepark is that the Mini Quarter coping on the far right is almost completely rounded out, making it nearly impossible to lock into any sort of trick. Another issue of the park are cracks: there aren’t too many that are must fixes but, “there is one crack at the end of the bump-to-bar that’s right where you land and has caught my wheel several times and caused me to fall,” said local skater Matt Lasiter. Next is the lack of shaded areas.  In the heat of the summer, skaters like to take breaks in the shade and the only real spot for shade is up at the top of the park where an awning covers a  bench that can only seat 2-3 people. “I think another awning down by where everyone sits and stores their gear would be a nice addition to the park,” said local skater Eric Johnson. Despite the need for some minor improvements, the South Westnedge Skate Park offers something for everyone and is a great place to meet new friends. Whether someone is a beginner or veteran skater, everyone gets along. “I think the park is a great place. I met all my friends there and over time we have turned into a family, local skater Brooke Thurow shared.