Notes to Northern – 11 March 2014


PN Students, Spreading Love

To Kari Nelson:  “You’re super cool. P.S. I love you.” From Rachel

To Charles Park:  “Hope you’ve enjoyed the year, and that you’ll enjoy the rest of it!” From One of Your Noonas ~

To Kyra Kovacevich:  “Thanks for saying yes about prom ;-)”

To Alexa Cavanaugh:  “You are so beautiful, bby! Love You.” From Mercedes Ash

To Mr Dee:  “Thank you for being a fun and awesome teacher!” From Ebony Dixon

To Michigan:  “Let me in!!!” From Warm Weather

To Ali Flynn:  “Ali, you are one beautiful lady and one of the most gorgeous, smart, and funny friend I have! Love ya (: From Layla McKissack

To Connor Galloway: “Best buds for life!” From David

To Sullyvan & Hashier:  “Love you all. xoxo.” From a German

To Kyra Kevocevich:  “I don’t know what I’d do without you! Love you, Kyra!” From Alana Meyers

To Frau Waldie:  “Kick cancer’s butt, Frau! Viel gluck mit alles! Ich liebe dich! Good luck w/ everything; I love you! From Celeste

To Precious Trice (my best friend):  “I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and how I am blessed to be able to claim you as my bestfriend. We have been best friends for a year now. I look forward to the next 90 years with you. I love you so so much, pretty lady.” From Michaela Niefert

To Isla Wilger:  “Friendship is 5eva and it’s gr9.” From Janelle Tereshinski

To Taylor Cahow:  “Thank you for helping me improve at reading.” From Mitchell Brown

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