“Little Shop of Horrors” opens this weekend

Senior Ian Darling-Romain sings about his desire for a better life in the teaser performance of Little Shop of Horrors. “The musical is going great and the cast, crew, and adults working on this amazing production are amazing and wonderful people,” he said. (Spencer Kadlec)

Today, students in all grades attended fifteen minute teasers for the PN drama department’s fall musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Based on the 1986 horror comedy, the play tells the story of the effects of a talking, carnivorous plant on a struggling flower shop in New York. Senior Ian Darling-Romain plays the character Seymour, who discovers and takes care of the plant (named Audrey II). “My experience with the show has been truly amazing,” he says. “Everyone is so nice and it’s such a fun experience to work with. . . the band, the crew, the cast and any adults that are helping out with the show.”

Senior Mia Pellegrini plays Chiffon, who is a street urchin off of skid row turned chorus member who helps tell the story. “It’s super fun,” she says. “It’s really different than any show I’ve ever done before; there’s a lot of dancing and a lot of singing and a lot lots of personality in the show and I really had a lot of fun working on it.” Junior Rayleanna Hayward often leads the chorus ensemble. “The musical is going great for me,” she says. “The stage has always been my safe space and so has the community.”

Senior Tyler Bright voices Audrey II.  “I really like The Little Shop of Horrors because I think it’s a really fun plot. It has a lot of comedic elements in it that I really like and I love playing Audrey II and being the voice to him because it’s something I wanna do as a career later on in life, so it’s great to get that experience and it’s going to be a fun show. Come get some tickets!”

The play runs for the next two weekends on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm. Tickets are available at pndrama.ludus.com.

Spencer Kadlec