I am tired

Bryana Quick, Assistant Editor

Day by day waking up gets harder and harder: the more I do, the more worn out I get.  I could sleep for hours on edge and will never get enough sleep to not constantly struggle. The endless nights of staying up until my eyes hurt trying to study and understand what we are doing in school makes all of it even worse.  I had never realized that being this involved in something could be so mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.  It gets to a point where no matter what, everything is so draining to do, and barely having the energy to do daily tasks is the worst of it all. It has been months since I have had the true energy to get up and not have to force myself out of bed, and even the days I do have the energy, I am worn out within an hour.  Allowing myself to get a good night’s sleep is not really a thing anymore. I have spent countless nights getting two to three hours of sleep just to meet a deadline on time. Trying to keep my grades up makes everything worse: if I do not have an A in every class, It feels like I am not doing good enough. I want to do it all, and for the most part, I like doing it all, but going from school to working, playing sports, and being involved in so many things is just plain exhausting.