Tasty Tweets


Hannah Teerman, Entertainment Editor

“My mom got me a pretty black necklace and goes “black necklace for your black soul” #oh”


“The sky this morning is very pretty. I didn’t take a picture so you’ll have to look outside.”


“If I start my homework now I might finish by June… Maybe.. If I’m lucky”


“My entire life has been a lie, I just did math without any numbers”


“It’s that part of the night where I eat everything in the kitchen #NoRagrets”


“I’m 62739402% done right now.”


“I for real just lost a ‘Quiz Up’ match to someone who didn’t know what a giraffe looks like”


“I can’t clean mirrors cause I always get distracted by my reflection.”


“the boy I’m babysitting likes to make nachos…not eat them…just heat up cheese on chips”


“Are you a stop sign? because stop”