The Jucket List

Kellie Miles, Photographer

Well, that’s all, folks! Now that I have officially graduated from high school, I can move on to what’s next: crossing items off my jucket list before I start college this fall. 

You probably have all you need to start your jucket list adventure. (Kellie Miles)

What’s a jucket list, you ask? The brainchild of my best friend and I, all the jucket list requires is some friends, a jar, and some small pieces of paper and a pen. Essentially a bucket list but with a jar (get it, jucket list?), the adventure begins when you all come up with ideas of things to do, write them on slips of paper, fold them up, and put them in the jar. Then, when you and your friends are together, pick a random slip and commit to doing whatever is on it that day. 

Be sure to document your adventures. I have been taking polaroids of all of the activities and my friend has been taking video clips. At the end of the summer, we will have something tangible to remember our times together, and taking the time to capture the moment along the way makes the journey more fun and exciting, too. 

Now, it’s your turn. Grab a jar, gather your friends, and have some fun this summer making memories with your very own jucket list! If you’re stuck on what to do, here’s a starter list:

  • Bake something
  • Go to the zoo
  • Host a lemonade stand
  • Go to a drive in movie
  • Plant something